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Keratoconus Doctor Flatlands

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Keratoconus in Flatlands

Keratoconus Doctor Flatlands
Keratoconus Doctor Flatlands

Keratoconus is a disease that affects your cornea. Although it can develop no matter your age, it is most common in teenagers and up to about the age of 30. We at Contemporary Eye Care are your specialists when it comes to all conditions that are related to your eye health. By knowing the causes, symptoms, testing, and treatment options associated with this eye disease, you can be better prepared to ensure that you don’t suffer consequences as a result of it.

The causes of keratoconus include heredity and some allergies, but the truth is that the precise reason why it occurs is not known. If one or both parents had it, then the child is more likely to. For this reason, we recommend a screening done by our keratoconus doctor Flatlands by age 10 if there is a genetic factor. The progression of the disease leads to the distortion of the cornea from its normal shape. It may take several years for it to happen, but in some instances, the onset can be much quicker. Symptoms include blurry vision, eye strain, difficulties with night driving, unusual sensitivity to light, eye pain, halos that appear around light in your field of vision, headaches, and excessive eye rubbing. Our keratoconus doctor Flatlands conducts a thorough eye examination along with specific testing as required. If your diagnosis is positive, your treatment options will be discussed. Eyeglasses (and possibly contact lenses) are often effective in offering vision improvement and reducing symptoms. In more advanced cases, the possibility of a corneal transplant may be discussed as the best way to manage the problem.

Our keratoconus doctor Flatlands can diagnose this disease as part of a routine yearly eye exam, recommended for all adults. Schedule one now, or do so if you have observed any of the symptoms listed above.

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