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Sunglasses in the winter in Flatlands

Flatlands sunglasses
Flatlands sunglasses

Sunglasses in the winter? Yes, we’re not kidding. There are some excellent reasons why they come in handy in these cold months. Here at Contemporary Eye Care, you can depend on our Flatlands sunglasses for fantastic style, outstanding comfort, wind protection, filtering out dangerous UV rays, and shielding you from bright glare.

Of course, most people reach for their shades when the weather is warm. At the beach, poolside, or having a leisurely weekend barbecue, our Flatlands sunglasses make the perfect accessory. Outdoors in the winter, though, you have just as much need. For one thing, your eyes are prone to drying out in the winter, and exposure to harsh winds only make it more likely for that to happen. Our Flatlands sunglasses act as a barrier to stop the wind from worsening already dry eyes or bringing on a new case of them. When sunlight reflects off of snow and ice, it can be especially strong and blinding. This is a concern when you’re driving; participating in winter activities like skiing, snowmobiling, and skating; or just walking down the street. And let’s not forget that ultraviolet sun rays are a hazard to your eyes, and they don’t go away when the summer does. Every pair of sunglasses you find here filter out 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. All of these benefits are housed in a great-looking set of frames, bearing a designer brand name that you recognize and trust for their commitment to high quality and fashion sense. Select from choices like Prada, Bebe Eyes, Burberry, Nautica, Michael Kors, Silhouette, and more.

Stop in and let us show you our collection of Flatlands sunglasses. You’re sure to find many that suit you perfectly. If you would like to have prescription sunglasses, call us to arrange an eye exam first.

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