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Flatlands Eye Lenses

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Chromagen Lens in Flatlands

Flatlands eye lenses
Flatlands eye lenses

Our priority here at Contemporary Eye Care is to provide all of the valuable services and products that you need so that you can see your best and enjoy optimal levels of eye health. That covers a lot of ground, as you may imagine, and yet one part of great vision is often not given the attention that it deserves: color blindness. If you have this condition, there is technology that we make available that is ideal for allowing to see impressive improvement.

Being able to distinguish among different colors may not be as critical in the minds of some people as having blurry or cloudy vision, or no vision at all, but it’s still a major challenge and inconvenience. If you have color blindness, you already know all of the issues that result from it. Well, thanks to Chromagen lenses, you can enhance your ability to tell one color from another. It’s not a cure, but it provides a great deal of help in an area that has traditionally been hard to treat. Our Flatlands eye lenses are available as either eyeglass lenses or contacts. Of course, you may have developed color blindness and not be aware of it yet. And that is just another good reason that you should come in once per year for a comprehensive eye exam. If you are diagnosed, then our eye doctor can prescribe Chromagen as our Flatlands eye lenses for you. The continued advancements that are being made are creating a more pleasant environment for just about every vision problem that exists. And that most certainly applies to seeing colors in a more efficient manner.

Please reach out to our office and schedule an appointment to come in and be examined by our eye doctor. Let our Flatlands eye lenses make your life better.

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