Flatlands dry eyes

Flatlands Dry Eyes

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Dry Eye Syndrome in Flatlands

Flatlands dry eyes
Flatlands dry eyes

Dealing with irritating symptoms can be annoying, but in some cases they may actually be the sign of an underlying condition that can be treated. Here at Contemporary Eye Care we can help provide patients with comprehensive eye exams as well as look into concerns that patients may have about the things they experience on a daily basis, including dry eyes. Dry eyes can be a symptom of the weather but it can also be because of something known as dry eye syndrome, and it is important that you find out. Here at our offices, you can find out what you can do for Flatlands dry eyes and how to treat them.

Dry eyes are common in the winter, when the air is cold and frigid, but most of all dry. This can easily lead to irritated eyes, which can only get worse when the wind is acting up as well. Even indoors, certain types of indoor heating can cause dry eyes from all the warm air flowing through the area, plus vents could be filled with dust that is circulating through the air as well. Dry eyes can also be associated with allergies, certain reactions to different materials, and dehydration, but dry eyes can also be the result of an underlying syndrome where the eye’s tear ducts are incapable of producing sufficient tears. As a result, your eyes may not be properly lubricated and may not be able to protect themselves from outside irritants like debris, dirt, pollen, and anything else that could potentially get in the eye, including bacteria. Here at Contemporary Eye Care we can provide people with exams and treatment for Flatlands dry eye, first looking at the potential underlying cause and then finding the best course of treatment regardless of the origin.

Having moist, lubricated eyes can do more than just help you feel more comfortable, it can also help keep your eyes healthy. For Flatlands dry eyes treatment, call us here at Contemporary Eye Care today.

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