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Keratoconus treatments in East New York

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease that affects the cornea. It happens when the shape of the clear dome-shaped front surface of the eye (cornea) thins and gradually bulges outward and distorts from a dome shape to a cone shape. When the cornea is cone-shaped, blurred vision and possible sensitivity to light and glare occur. Keratoconus needs to be treated by a professional eye doctor at an East New York optometry practice.

There are different treatment options that a professional eye doctor such as one at our East New York optometry, Contemporary Eye Care can provide for Keratoconus. The type of Keratoconus eye care a patient gets depends of what stage you are in and the severity of it. In the early stages of the disease, vision problems can usually be fixed with eye glasses or soft contact lenses. However, as it progresses, the eye doctor might have to fit you for other types of contact lenses such as rigid gas permeable contact lenses. These rigid lenses fit over the cornea. Their job is to replace its irregular shape with a smooth surface that improves vision. If the gas permeable contact lenses are uncomfortable your eye doctor might have to may “piggyback” contact lenses. This means that your doctor would place two different types of contact lenses over the same eye. Hybrid contact lenses, which were specifically created for Keratoconus might be used. They provide the optical benefits of gas permeable contact lenses while providing the wearing comfort of soft contacts. If the eye doctor thinks that non-surgical options would not be sufficient, he might recommend surgery. Surgery is usually an option for more advanced Keratoconus. Some possible surgical treatments include Intacs and a corneal implants. Intacs is a small curved device. If used, they would be surgically placed on the cornea that improves vision. During a corneal implant, the eye surgeon replaces part or the entire diseased cornea with healthy donor cornea tissue.

To learn more about keratoconus treatment, please call our East New York optometry office. We’ll be happy to book your consultation appointment with our keratoconus specialist.

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